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Diving Into Twitter

I have been holding out for quite some time now, but yesterday I finally joined Twitter.  Let the party begin.  My Twitter handle is @chuck_pod.  I tried to get simply @chuckpod, but that was taken, so I had to put … Continue reading

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“Land of the Free” Doesn’t Mean “Free Stuff”

As citizens of the United States, what do we, and what should we, expect from our government?   I was visiting with some friends several years ago and posed that question while we were talking about another government program that was under fire … Continue reading

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We Are the Reason Reality Shows Go On

It’s summer (or, will be soon) and that means our favorite TV shows are on hiatus—or you are in the majority of humans who watch Reality Shows.  Nothing personal but, blecccchhhh! Last week I had a good talk with my … Continue reading

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Tiger Is Playing–Get the Kids Out Of the Room!

Tiger Woods might go down in history for having the greatest skills ever in the game of golf, but in my book, he will never be the greatest “golfer”—not after witnessing his histrionics last weekend at the Masters in Augusta, GA. If … Continue reading

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We Need A World With Rush Limbaugh In It.

Rush Limbaugh might be a blow hard.  Rush Limbaugh might be wrong.  Rush Limbaugh might not have the sense or the up-bringing to temper his opinions, especially when those opinions are broadcast to millions of people every day.  But Rush … Continue reading

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The Church of You.

If there is another world war, and mankind is destroyed, it probably will be directly attributed to religion.  Never has something professed so much goodness, and spawned such evil. What is your faith?  What do you believe?  Notice I used … Continue reading

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Short Stuff

The “Call Back” I called a friend of mine back in the first week of January.  Things sounded a little hectic on her end of the line, so when she said “I’ll call you back in ten” I understood.  I … Continue reading

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