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Defending Musberger

I didn’t watch much of the BCS Championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame on Monday night, changing the channel when the Irish were down 14-0 in the first quarter and Alabama on the verge of scoring again.  But I did … Continue reading

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Being Bigfoot, and a Bullet in the Butt

How do you read the newspaper?  What kind of headline makes you stop and read almost every word of the hard work that any particular reporter or editor has put into however many column-inches he/she has been given the duty … Continue reading

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Random Stuff: Disappearing Newspapers; The Show; Fantasy Football

It’s impossible to pinpoint the exact moment I established this routine, but somewhere in my teens I developed the obsession of starting my day reading the morning newspaper.  The Electronic Age has changed this custom for many people but, so … Continue reading

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E-Books or Real Books?

Reading books is a big part of my life.  Somewhere around the age of 37 or 38, I started reading and haven’t stopped.  It began with Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, and has blossomed into a book collection that includes 1st … Continue reading

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