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Super Sunday in Nevada? Like No Place Else!

Super Bowl XLVI is this Sunday in Indianapolis, and if you can’t be there, the next best place to be is Las Vegas.  Some may argue that Las Vegas is actually better than being there, but just so I don’t get … Continue reading

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Jim(dog) left us in wonder–one year ago

The devastating news came crashing down on me at around 5:00 a.m., January 26, 2011.  It was a call from my brother, Gary, and you know when your phone rings that early, it’s probably not good news.  As it had awakened me from a deep … Continue reading

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Education by Accident: Bill Cosby, Allan Sherman and “Authors”

Bill Cosby was mentioned by a guest on a podcast I was listening to last week, and the context of the conversation took me back immediately to Sunday afternoons at my Grandmother’s house in the 1960’s.  How I got there … Continue reading

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Gaming–some things you might not have known

Since 1997, my occupation has been “Executive Casino Host” for gaming properties like Harrah’s (Laughlin and Las Vegas), Stratosphere and Stardust.  This decade-and-a-half has been a fascinating journey for me, and an interesting education into the workings of the gaming … Continue reading

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Short Stuff

A few words on a few subjects… Mayhem?  Yes, for potential customers Let me get this out of the way first:  The Allstate Insurance “Mayhem Guy” has to go.  The only thing  that ad campaign has accomplished is to make sure I associate a negative … Continue reading

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Time travel and brain explosions

The world has changed exponentially since I grew up, in the 60s and 70s, in a small town in western Nebraska.  Yes, that’s obvious, but that fact has been on my mind a lot the past week as I read further and further into … Continue reading

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Heal thyself

My sister, Mary, sent me a mug for my birthday last summer.  On it were the words, “Simplify, simplify.” I love the mug very much, but if the designers of the mug would ascribe to their own philosophy, wouldn’t it … Continue reading

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